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Aventurine, blue, Heishi round, 2x4mm x 39cm


Aventurine, blue color, Heishi rondelle shape, size 2x4mm, sold bead strand of 39cm.

In addition to these beautiful colors, you'll have a multitude of choices when making your jewelry. For bracelets in particular, use elastic thread then string these stones, add a pendant and a few pearls of your choice and close with a knot surgeon and you're done!

Some pearls may have been tinted to enhance their color.

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MaterialAventurine is a type of quartz known for its shimmering appearance and is often used in jewelry making.
Beads and accessories store for jewelry makingSmooth
Hole diameter0.9mm

7,42 € tax incl.

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Do you know the benefits of aventurine?

Green aventurine is a type of quartz with fushite inclusions that promotes growth. It has a positive effect on the thymus gland and helps with skin rashes such as acne, making it a good stone for people who want to know themselves better and develop their personality by being less influenced by others. Green aventurine brings introspection and discipline, making it an excellent stone for meditation.You can combine this crystal with rose quartz to work with your heart chakra to awaken love for yourself and others.This stone calms irritability while making you more patient and insightful.

How to make your own unique jewelry with aventurine?

For a colorful bracelet, you're spoiled for choice with our stones!

If you want to combine different stones with different energies, you can find what you need on our blog first.

For earrings, you will need flat head studs and ear hooks.

If you want to make bracelets, depending on the style of bracelet, you will use cotton threads, leather threadschain etc.

So, to make a necklace, you will need to use a necklace or chain, ringshanger and gold-filled wire etc.

All the above jewelry, Also available with other natural stones, pearls or pearls. We also have gold-filled accessoriessilver accessories and gold-filled pink accessories for you to choose from.

For more information on how to tie knots, we have a video on how to tie knots.

Tools you may need to make jewelry

Running out of ideas? Check out our tutorials for inspiration.

For more information, please visit this blog about aventurine.

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