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Aventurine and freshwater pearl necklace

Categories : Necklace

Fabrication tools :

  • Round-tip pliers
  • Flat head pliers
  • Cutting pliers

Steps to follow:

1. Place the beads in the assembly tray in the order you wish to make your necklace (length as you wish) *We have chosen to make assymmetrical necklace.

2. On the wire, string the beads in the order you defined before, then string a crimp bead on one end of the wire

3. Then thread the wire through the two holes in the wire guardian. Return the wire to crimp bead. Bring the two ends of the cable protector altogether by pinching them.
Then bring the crimp bead as close as possible to the ends of the wire guardian.

4. Crush the crimp bead and cut off the excess wire. Then attach the spring clasp to the end of the wire guards. Pass all the beads to the finished side.

5. Do the same on the other side. Pass the cable wire through the end of your extension chain, Place the chain at the level of the cable guardian,

6. Then repeat the steps 4 on the other side without adding any spring clasp.

Here it is your finished necklace.

You can of course add charms and change the beads and findings as you wish.

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