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Mixed Multi Row Necklace Cabochon Clasp

Categories : Necklace

Steps to follow:

Three-row clasp - Element allowing the realization of necklaces with 3 or more rows - The clasp is composed of two parts, one with a tongue. The clasp is opened by pinching the tongue on the side.

1. String the beads of your choice on a thread, leaving an excess of thread on each end, with the first row of chalcedony beads,
Pass the thread through a threading needle, Pass the thread with the needle through one of the rings of the clasp

2. Tie a knot at the end of the thread, and cut off the excess thread, Burn the knot to stiffen the knot

Do the same with the other end of the chalcedony row on the other part of the clasp

3. For the second row of the necklace, take a silver chain, thread the pendant of your choice onto the chain,
Connect the chain to the second of the clasp with an open ring, Do the same with the other end of the chain

4. For the third row, take a small pearl wire, thread the pendant of your choice onto the pearl wire,
Repeat the same steps as for the first row of chalcedony beads to attach to the clasp

This is a three-chain necklace with a three-row clasp - you can add extra strands of beads to each ring

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