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Apatite Necklace with S Clasp

Categories : Necklace

1. S Clasp - Can be opened from either side of the clasp by sliding the rings out of the S.

2. Thread a silk/nylon thread through a threading needle (to double the thread when threading for better strength of the necklace)

3. Thread the apatite beads to the desired length, pass the thread through the clasp ring with the needle, make a knot by passing the clasp through the loop of thread

4. Take the other end of the thread, pass it through the other end and tie a knot
Make a second knot at the first bead to secure the bead to the nearest clasp

5. On the other end, pass the thread with the needle through the second ring of the clasp, then pass the thread with the needle through the first bead, make two knots at the end of the first bead to stiffen the whole

6. Cut off the excess thread, burn and quickly pinch the end of the thread to stiffen the knot
And here is an apatite necklace made with an S-clasp.

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