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Bracelet Couple Cord Freshwater Pearl

Categories : Bracelet

Fabrication tools :

  • Round-tip pliers
  • Flat head pliers
  • Cutting pliers

Steps to follow:

Screw-on clasp - Two-part fastening with screw system. Use to make bracelets or necklaces with cord or wire.

1. Unscrew the clasp, take a piece of wire cut to the length of your handle, thread the wire through the hole in the clasp, and tie a knot at the end of the wire.

2. Crush or tighten the knot as much as possible to secure it in the clasp hole.

3. Thread the white freshwater pearl (large hole) through the other end of the wire*, Then thread the wire through the other part of the clasp, and tie a knot at the end of the wire, Screw the two parts of the clasp together.

*If you wish, you can make a knot on each side of the bead in order to fix it.
For a man's bracelet, you can replace the white pearl by a darker pearl

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