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Elegant Double Row Necklace Tube Clasp

Categories : Necklace

Fabrication tool :

  • Cutting pliers

Steps to follow:

1. 2 Row Tube Clasp - Made up of two parts, the clasp is opened by sliding the two parts of the clasp lengthwise.

2. Take a row of pearls on a thread of your choice (here sunstone), pass the thread through a threading needle
Pass the thread through a threading needle, Make a knot by passing the clasp through the loop of the thread

3. Make a second knot at the first bead in order to fix the bead to the nearest clasp, On the other end of the bead wire, pass the wire through a ring of the clasp, Then pass the wire with the needle back through the first bead

4. Tie two knots at the end of the first bead to stiffen the whole

5. Cut off the excess thread, burn and quickly pinch the end of the thread to stiffen the knot, Repeat the process for the freshwater pearl row

This is a double row necklace made with a 2 row tube clasp

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