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France Perles tutorial I Customised spacer bracelet

Categories : Bracelet

List of materials :

- 3 Open rings
- Large oval ring
- 925 silver chain of a length close to your handle (to be cut in two of equal length)
- 925 silver extension chain
- Spring clasp
- 925 silver wire
- Aquamarine Pearl Flat Oval 8x10mm
- Aquamarine Bead Round 6mm
- Flat head pin

1. Open an open ring, thread a piece of silver chain through it and the large oval ring that will serve as a spacer. Close the ring.

2. Do the same on the other side of the oval ring.

3. Take a final open ring and pass a free end of the bracelet chain through it, together with the extension chain.

4. Then on the other free end of the bracelet, pass the chain through the open ring of the spring snap hook. Close the snap ring.

5. Pass the flat-headed pin with the aquamarine bead already threaded through the last link of the extension chain, then make a pigtail knot with the pin and cut it (the link should be in the pigtail knot loop).

6. In order to personalise your spacer, take the aquamarine bead and thread it onto a silver wire, wrap and tighten the silver wire around the oval ring on one side, cut off the excess wire.

7. Slide the bead as close as possible to the wrapped piece of wire. Do the same on the other side.

And that's it! You have your bracelet with your personalised spacer. 


Personalized spacer: In order to prevent the bead from slipping along the silver wire, we advise you to choose beads of a size close to the inner diameter of the spacer ring you wish to personalize. Alternatively, you can also add smaller beads or tubes on either side of the bead, in order to fix it along the silver wire.

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