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Simple Pendant Making

Categories : Necklace

Fabrication tools :

  • Round-tip pliers
  • Flat head pliers
  • Cutting pliers

Steps to follow:

A. Drop Pendant Attachment - Allows open ring or handmade pendants to be passed through the chains of your choice

1. We have chosen the handmade freshwater pearl pendant, take the pearl of your choice and put a nail through it.
2. make a pigtail knot and thread the pendant through it

B. Glue-on Pendant Attachment - Glue on the cabochon of your choice and thread a fine wire or chain through it to make a necklace
1. 1. Apply glue evenly to the pendant attachment, then glue the cabochon to the backing and allow to dry
2. Then run a suitable diameter wire through the tube behind the pendant attachment

C. Semi-drilled bead clamp - Allows you to use your semi-drilled beads as a pendant
1. 1. Apply glue evenly to the rod and then glue on the semi-drilled beads of your choice (check that the thickness of the rod can fit through the hole of the chosen bead)

D. Clip-on Pendant Attachment - Allows you to pass the pre-drilled pendant beads through the chains
1. Pass the pins of the pendant clamp through the hole of the chosen pendant (here amethyst drop)
2. Then pinch on both sides (you can also put a bit of glue on the rods for a solid hold)

E. Clip-on pendant fastener with rhinestones - Used to hold beads with holes away from the rim
1. Pinch the pendant clip to the hole of the bead of your choice, here we have chosen a moonstone donut

F. Pendant clamp with pin & rhinestone - For attaching thicker pendants with the long pin
1. Thread the shank of the pendant clip through the desired pendant, then thread the shank through the hole on the other end of the pendant clip
2. Fold the excess rod upwards to stiffen the assembly

G. Bead Pendant Attachment - To hold your choice of pendants - For use with a chain, an additional ring will be required
1. We have chosen to decorate our pendant with the addition of a freshwater pearl charm (stem + pearl)
2. Make a pigtail knot by passing the stem through the ring of the pendant attachment
3. Then pinch the labradorite pearl at the level of the stems of the pendant clamp, Finally pass the pendant clamp through an open ring

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