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Zirconium oxide sparkle necklace & gold tube

Categories : Necklace

Tools for making :

  • Round tip pliers
  • Flat head pliers
  • Cutting pliers

Steps to follow:

1. First thread the tube that will be in the centre of your necklace, then start to thread the zirconium beads on the wire in the order of your choice, you can add gold beads at regular intervals (every 10 beads)

2. When you feel the length of the first side is satisfactory (about 18-20cm), string a crush tube bead and a lobster clasp

3. Use pliers to crush the bead until it becomes flat and the wire is locked in place. Cut off the excess wire (leave about 2mm)

4. Slide your beads to the clasp, then symmetrically thread your zirconium oxide beads on the other side of the necklace as before.

5. Thread another tube bead to be crushed and an extension chain, then thread the wire back through the tube bead, pull the wire until the clasp is close to the multi-coloured beads, crush the tube as before, cut off the excess wire (leave about 2mm)

6. Then take your cultured pearl and insert the flat head nail (flat side down), With round head pliers, form a pigtail loop, Slide the ring of your tube spacer into the loop, Finish the pigtail knot to secure the pearl, Feel free to tighten with pliers

Your necklace is now ready to be worn!

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