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Elastic Cord

Elastic Cord 

Jewelry Wires - Beading Wire, Elastic Cord, Leather Cord, and More

Beading wires, cotton, griffin, and elastic are commonly used materials for jewelry creation. Beading wires are metal wires coated with nylon or silk that offer good strength and a beautiful finish. Cotton threads are natural threads that bring softness and comfort to jewelry. Griffin threads are special threads for stringing beads that have a needle integrated at one end. Elastic cords are flexible and stretchable cords that allow for making bracelets without a clasp. These different types of wires are suitable for various jewelry techniques and styles according to the desires and needs of creators.

France Perles offers its selection of threads for beading, braiding threads, and highly resistant cables for all your creations. We provide you with a wide range of colors for all your jewelry ideas.


  • Elastic thread

    Elastic thread for creating Costume Jewelry

    We offer a wide range of elastic threads, transparent or in various colors, and of different thicknesses, for making necklaces, bracelets, and stringing beads.

  • Japanese steel wire cable

    Japanese Steel Wire for Fancy Jewelry Making

    Japanese steel wires are extremely strong and ideal for creating durable jewelry. Our original Japanese steel wires are available in various thicknesses.

  • Griffin twisted wires

    Griffin Beading Wires for Costume Jewelry Creation

    The Griffin beading wires are made of steel and coated with nylon. They are extremely durable and allow for the creation of sturdy jewelry pieces. Our Griffin beading wires are available in various colors and thicknesses.

  • Steel cable wire coated with nylon

    Steel cable wire coated with nylon for creating costume jewelry

    FrancePerles offers a wide range of steel cable wires, coated with nylon, extremely durable and available in various colors and thicknesses.

  • Polyester jade thread

    Polyester Jade Thread for Costume Jewelry Making

    We offer a wide range of polyester jade threads in different colors and thicknesses - 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm - for stringing beads. Jade thread, sometimes called Chinese thread, is a very flexible and durable nylon thread. It is mainly used for beading and remains a traditional material.

  • Nylon satin and ribbons

    Nylon satin and ribbons for creating costume jewelry

    FrancePerles offers satin ribbons in bright and varied colors, as well as in black or white satin, in different thicknesses. These satin ribbons are perfect for stringing beads and charms, as well as for making discreet bracelets and delicate necklaces.

  • Griffin 100% natural silk thread

    Griffin 100% Natural Silk Threads for Costume Jewelry Making

    Silk threads have been used for centuries, especially in making pearl necklaces. Silk is known for its strength and minimal stretching over the years, making it ideal for creating durable and high-quality necklaces. Silk is a very soft and pleasant material to wear in necklaces or bracelets. Our silk threads are guaranteed to be 100% natural silk.

  • I'm sorry, but "Fil Griffin power nylon" does not seem to be a coherent phrase in French. Could you please provide more context

    Griffin Power Nylon Thread for Costume Jewelry Making

    Griffin Power Nylon for jewelry making is a strong nylon thread subjected to special treatment and twice as resistant as traditional nylon.

  • Nylon fishing line (transparent)

    Illusion Cord Fishing Line (transparent thread) for the creation of Costume Jewelry

    GRIFFIN Illusion Cord (transparent thread) is ideally designed for creating necklaces made up of "dangling" elements. It complements glass beads and transparent stones such as rock crystal perfectly. The crystalline nylon thread is extremely tear-resistant and flexible. It has been specially designed for jewelry making.

  • Rat tail cords

    Satin nylon cords for creating costume jewelry

    Nylon satin cords are round in shape and made of particularly soft and shiny nylon, available in fresh, intense, and trendy colors. They are extremely tear and pull-resistant, and do not stretch. The ultra-shiny material of GRIFFIN nylon satin cord is particularly flexible and offers exceptional comfort.

    Our nylon satin cords are ideally suited for various techniques and decorative knots, such as Kumihimo, macramé, or Chinese knots. They are also perfect for braiding, threading large-hole beads, or can be used as a wrapped jewelry cord once or multiple times.

  • Leather cords

    Leather Cords for Costume Jewelry Creation

    We offer a selection of genuine leather cords, available in various colors, plain or braided, in different thicknesses, for making bracelets and necklaces.

  • Waxed cotton thread

    Waxed cotton thread for creating costume jewelry

    We are presenting to you today 8 colors of waxed cotton thread to further enhance your creations! They are known for their strength, low stretchiness, and superior quality. You can find various thread sizes to make them compatible with a wider range of jewelry designs.

  • High-performance thread

    High Performance Thread for Costume Jewelry Creation

    The GRIFFIN High Performance thread remains silky and flexible, making it remarkably easy to use. It does not stretch, ensuring that necklaces made with it do not break over time.
    This high-tech solution is extremely strong and incredibly resistant. We particularly recommend GRIFFIN High Performance for beads and stones with small drill holes.