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Metal Findings

Metal Findings 

Findings metal jewelry for the creation of jewelry

The findings metal jewelry are essential elements for the creation of original and personalized jewelry. They allow to realize various assemblies and to give style to your creations. There are different types offindings metal jewelry, such as rings, clasps, crimp ends, chains, earrings holders, etc..

These findings metal jewelry come in several colors and finishes, such assilver, gold, bronze or copper. You can choose the findings metal jewelry that best suits your desires and needs. The findings metal jewelry is easy to use and to assemble with other materials such as beads, natural stones or pendants. With findings metal jewelry, you can create unique and original jewelry that reflects your personality.

All findings metal jewelry beads are guaranteed nickel and lead free to avoid any allergic reactions when wearing them. We meticulously select findings according to the precision of the details and the fineness of the work.


  • Rings

    Metal brackets for the creation of costume jewelry

    What is a bélière?

    A baillie, also called pendant bail, is a piece of jewelry that allows you to hang a pendant or charm from a necklace, bracelet or other type of jewelry. It usually consists of a hook or ring on one end, and a bracket on the other end to hold the pendant or charm in place. The clasp can be made from different materials such as stainless steel, 925 silver, gold filled and gold plated etc.

    Also check out our findings jewelry in 304 stainless steel, 925 silver, 14K gold filled, 14K pink gold filled, and findings fine gold plated to help you in creating handmade jewelry.

  • Rings

    Metal Rings for the creation of Timeless Jewelry

    Discover our collection of adjustable and non-adjustable metal rings to customize. You can create simple and unique rings. Simply choose the color and bead size that suits you and that will match the ring.

    Discover also our rings in other materials: in 14K gold filled, 14K rose gold filled, 925 silver and findings gold filled, you will find the ring that suits you!

  • Bars

    Bridge spacers for the creation of personalized jewelry

    What is a bridge spacer for creating costume jewelry?

    A metal bridge spacer allows you to create three rows of necklaces or bracelets, while keeping the rows of beads/strings in an orderly fashion. You can combine it with clasps multiple rows to get a nice finish on your jewelry creations.

    Check out our findings jewelry in 304 stainless steel, 14K gold filled, 925 silver, 14K rose gold filled and findings gold filled to help you in creating handmade jewelry.

  • Rings

    Metal rings for durable jewelry design

    Find all of our high quality 925 silver joining rings needed for your jewelry designs! A wide variety of ring sizes and shapes for your creative ideas: Open jump ringclosed or soldered, hammered or smooth, round, drop or triangle shapes!

    Want to create costume jewelry?

    These metal joining rings are a must for all costume jewelry designers. With jewelry pliers, you can easily open these rings to connect the different elements of your creations (clasps, charms or chain), to finalize a necklace or a bracelet. It is important to always have the right rings for your jewelry making projects on hand. Use our large metal rings asspacer use our large metal rings as a charm to create even more original jewelry!

    Do you have a penchant for gold jewelry? Discover without further delay our findings of 14K gold filled, 14K rose gold filled and findings gold filled jewelry that will satisfy your creative desires!

  • Earrings

    Metal earrings for the manufacture of original jewelry

    Discover our selection of metal earrings including: ear hooks, pins earrings, creoles or sleepers. Our earrings half-finished in metal are essential elements to make quality earrings! You will find earrings of various sizes, but also pushers for earrings to keep them in place. For those who do not have pierced ears, we also offer ear clips in various styles.

  • Charms

    Metal charm for jewelry creation

    A charm is a small decorative element used to create costume jewelry. It is usually attached to a bracelet, necklace or earrings with a open jump ring or extension chain. You can also connect the charm to a open jump ring to add a personal touch to your designs.

  • Spindles

    Metal brooches for the creation of costume jewelry

    These metal brooches will be perfect to brighten up the outfits, by adding embroideries or charms.

  • Candlesticks and Node covers

    Candlesticks and Metal Knot Covers for Fashion Jewelry Creation

    A metal knot cover is an accessory used to finish jewelry made from wires or cords, such as bracelets and necklaces. It is usually a small tube or disc shaped piece, which is used to hide the knots that hold the elements of the jewelry together.

    These small findings are intended to compose earrings, or necklaces by serving asSpacers.

  • Nails

    Metal head pins & Pins for DIY jewelry creation

    Discover our range of Pins and metal, to use for the creation of charm or pendant. You will find there pins and stems with ball head, flat head or head ofopen jump ring of different length and diameter, to realize your charms or Spacers.

    What is a pin/peg for jewelry?

    A jewelrypin or pin is used to make jewelry, especially earrings. These fasteners usually consist of a metal rod with a flat or decorative end (the head) to hold the stone in place, while the rod is inserted into the stone and attached to the base of the jewelry. The heads of pins for jewelry can also be decorated in a variety of ways to add an extra aesthetic touch to the finished piece.

    Check out our single stones to help you create handmade jewelry.

  • Cups

    Bead caps metal beads to decorate your jewelry

    Find our selection of Bead Cap for metal beads, to decorate or fix your beads on your jewelry! You will find bead caps filigree, openwork, decorated with rhinestones or patterns worked for an original look.

    What is a bead cap?

    The bead caps metal beads are jewelry accessories used to hold round beads securely when the drill holes are too large. They are usually dome-shaped and circular, with one or more holes to accommodate a peg, wire or chain. Their hollow part can hold a cultured pearl or natural stone, and they are often used as decorative elements for pearl jewelry.

    Discover our cultured pearls and round natural stone beads that you can combine with our bead caps in bead cap to create pearl bracelets or necklaces.

  • Tips and fasteners

    Crimp Endsmetal fasteners for your jewelry finishes

    Browse our catalog ofCrimp End and metal fasteners for the realization of your jewelry finishes. You will discover our crimp ends for leather threads & cords, our lace clips, or our crimp end for knot covers, to perfect your jewelry ends!

    What is a crimp end for jewelry?

    Thecrimp end is a crucial element for finishing the ends of wires or chains used in jewelry making. It is usually characterized by a welded ring on one side and a hollow or empty shape on the other, allowing to easily insert a cord, a chain or a bead to be crushed. crimp ends are essential for the realization of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, thus guaranteeing the quality and durability of the final jewel

    Discover our findings jewelry in 304 stainless steel, 14K gold filled, 925 silver, 14K rose gold filled and findings gold filled to help you in the creation of handmade jewelry.

  • Prints

    Metal stamps & Spacers for the creation of unique jewelry

    Discover our metal stamps of original shapes for your jewelry creations! You can use them asspacer, pendant or charm for the realization of your handmade jewelry!

    What is a metal stamp?

    A metal stamp is a crucial tool for creating costume jewelry. It is a piece of metal cut and formed between two dies that creates a relief engraving when struck with a hammer and punch. This tool is used to personalize metals with words, images or designs, adding a unique and personal touch to each piece of jewelry created.

    Check out our findings jewelry in 304 stainless steel, 925 silver, 14K gold filled, 14K rose gold filled and findings fine gold filled to help you create handmade jewelry.

  • Clasps

    Clasps for DIY jewelry making

    Find our wide range of metalClasp for the perfect finish on your handmade jewelry! Come and discover our different types of clasps, from the classic clasps carabiner and clasps spring to our clasps multi-ranks, clasp buoy or clasp Toggle.

    What is a clasp?

    A clasp for jewelry is a mechanical device that connects the ends of a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet or chain. It secures the jewelry around the neck, wrist or ankle, making it easier to wear. Common clasps 's include the carabiner, spring clasp, the clasp (toggle) and the clasp magnetic.
    clasps 's are crucial to maintaining the security and longevity of your jewelry, as they make it easier to put on and take off.

  • Spacers

    Spacer metal beads for jewelry making

    Discover our range ofSpacer Silver metal to decorate and separate your beads or connect two pieces of chain/wire to create a unique piece of jewelry! You will find Spacers round beads, Spacers with 2 rings with patterns or rhinestones, or Spacers openwork beads for more and more new styles.

    What is a spacer for jewelry?

    A classic spacer or a spacer is a small decorative or functional element used to separate and organize beads, stones or other jewelry components. Thespacer has two loops or rings for attachment, it connects two separate elements or chains of a piece of jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet, adding an aesthetic touch and maintaining a distance between the elements, while providing structure and stability, and avoiding the entanglement or premature wear of the components.

    Discover our findings jewelry in 304 stainless steel, 14K gold filled, 925 silver, 14K rose gold filled, and findings gold filled to help you create handmade jewelry.

  • Beads to crush

    Metal crush beads for unique jewelry making

    We offer a variety of metal tubes in different shapes and sizes. Our tubes can be used asspacer or as a crimp tubes bead depending on their length.

    What is a crushable tube/bead?

    A crimp tubes is a small metal tube often used to secure jewelry wires, such as pearl wires, by preventing them from slipping out of the clasp. The tube/bead is placed over the jewelry wire, then the wire is folded and passed through the hole in the tube. Then, a flat/crush clip is used to crush the tube, creating a strong and secure connection.

    Check out our knot covers to hide your tubes/crush beads for clean finishes! Watch our tutorial on how to make a professional finish!

  • System

    Metal bracelets & pushers - nylon choker for jewelry creation

    Our bracelets, metal pushers - nylon ch oker are simple to use. These systems allow you to create your own man or woman jewelry in a few minutes.

  • Tubes

    Metal tubes for unique jewelry making

    We offer a variety of metal tubes in different shapes and sizes. Our tubes can be used asspacer or as a bead crimp tubes depending on their length.

    We offer crimp tubes in classic silver or rhodium plated silver, with different hole diameters to achieve your perfect finish.

    We also have twisted tubes, spiral tubes, twisted tubes to decorate your bracelet or necklace unique and personalized.

    Discover our knot covers to hide your tubes/beads to crush for a clean finish! Watch our tutorial to achieve a professional finish!

  • Raw brass chains

    Metal chain for the creation of necklace, bracelet or silver earring

    Find our collection of metal chain unmounted, different mesh and size. You will find chains with forçat mesh, oval, pearl, flat etc. ... By associating these chains with pearls or clasps, they will allow you to realize unique creations of necklace, bracelet or earrings.

    France Perles offers chains with fine mesh or more important as chains gilded with fine gold, silver 925 and Gold filled 14 K.

    For those who wish to use chains already mounted, you can find our neck chains with clasp.

    Our chains are sold by the meter, if several quantities are ordered, the chain will be cut in one piece according to the quantity ordered (while stocks last).