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Findings & Accessories

Findings & Accessories 

Findings and jewelry accessories for your men and women jewelry creations

What is a finding for jewelry?

A finding, in the field of jewelry and jewelry design, refers to the various components and accessories used to assemble, mount and finish jewelry. findings are essential for transforming beads, stones and other components into wearable and beautiful jewelry. They are used to attach, connect and embellish the various elements of a piece of jewelry.

We offer a wide selection offindings: crushable beads, clasps, open jump rings/soldered beads, bead rings and other basic components for your jewelry creations. You will also find accessories half-finished, such as: ring holders for beads half-drilled and for cabochons, attachments for pendants to fix stones and beads, earrings half-drilled or holders for cabochons, bracelets and chains for necklaces of your choice.


  • Findings in silver 925/999

    Findings in silver 925/999 for personalized jewelry design

    We offer a wide range offindings in 925/999 silver for your jewelry creations at discount prices. Find our 925 silver, 999 silver and rhodium-plated silver accessories to create your own jewelry: rings, hinges, chains, pearls, clasps etc. These elements are used every day by jewelry craftsmen to create quality men's and women's jewelry!

    What is 925 silver?

    925 silver is a precious metal composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals to make it harder. 925 silver can also be called sterling silver or solid silver 925. It is more resistant and durable than pure silver, which is softer and subject to scratching and twisting. Silver 925 is also easier for jewelers to work with, enabling them to create more complex designs. 925 silver jewelry also has the advantage of being hypoallergenic, so it won't cause skin reactions in most people. Finally, 925 silver is a precious metal that retains its value over time.

    What is 999 silver?

    999 silver is a highly refined form of precious metal, containing 99.9% pure silver. Unlike 925 silver, which includes 7.5% of other metals to reinforce its hardness, 999 silver is almost entirely silver. This gives it superior softness and malleability, making it ideal for jewelry projects requiring great precision and delicacy. However, its high purity also makes it more susceptible to scratches and deformation. Although less common in everyday jewelry because of its delicacy, 999 silver remains a preferred choice for high-quality collectors' pieces and artistic creations.

    What's the difference between 925 silver and rhodium-plated silver?

    We also have findings in rhodium-plated 925 silver, whose surface is coated with a protective layer of rhodium, a component of platinum, which prevents oxidation of the agent, for jewelry that shines longer! Generally speaking, rhodium-plated silver is darker in color than conventional 925 silver (aged silver), but will retain all its brilliance.

    Discover our video presentation of findings in 925 silver. Follow our tutorials to find new inspiration for your jewelry creations.

  • Silver chain 925

    925 silver chain for the creation of handmade costume jewelry

    France Perles offers you chains with fine mesh or more important: in 925 silver and rhodium-plated silver. You will find a large choice of chains with different types of links: forçat, jaseron, pearl, serpentine, curb chain, oval, herringbone etc. according to your needs. These chains are available in choker format (necklace finished with clasp) or in unmounted format to customize yourself.

    A 925 silver chain is a chain made from pure silver that has been alloyed with other metals, usually copper, to give it extra hardness and strength. The 925 indicates that the chain is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. This is a common standard for silver jewelry and is considered sterling/massive silver. 925 silver chains are often used in jewelry design because they are elegant, durable and affordable.

    Use our findings of 925 silver jewelry in combination with your silver chain to create a timeless piece of quality jewelry.

  • Findings in 14K Gold filled (Laminated Gold)

    Findings in Gold Filled (Rolled Gold) for timeless, durable jewelry designs

    France Perles offers you a wide range offindings and accessories in Gold Filled for your jewelry creations at discount prices. Create high-quality jewelry for men and women, combining our findings 14 carat gold filled with our natural stones or cultured pearls.

    What is 14-carat gold filled?

    Gold filled, also known as laminated gold, is a treatment widely used in the United States. It involves applying a low percentage of gold (5%) to a brass base. Its 5% 14ct gold content gives findings a better appearance than gold plating, and is more cost-effective than an alloy with a higher gold content (such as 18ct). The weight of gold in Gold Filled is therefore much greater (50 to 100 times greater) than in a simple gold-plated product, making it much more durable over time (a lifetime if used normally). Gold Filled can be 9, 12, 14 or 18 carats, depending on the type of gold applied to the brass base.

    Prefer a rose gold color? Discover our Gold Filled 14K rosé items! Are you more of a silver addict? Browse our collection of925 Silver accessories!

    Want to know more about Gold Filled? Find out in this article, which explains the difference between gold filled and plated gold.

  • 14 karat pink gold-filled findings

    Findings in 14K pink Gold Filled for the design of durable and timeless jewelry

    France Perles offers a wide range offindings and accessories in Gold Filled rose 14K for your jewelry creations at discounted prices. Create jewelry for men and women of quality, by combining our findings gold filled rose 14K with our natural stones or our cultured pearls.

    What is Gold Filled rose 14K?

    Gold filling is a very common treatment in the United States; it consists of applying a small percentage of gold (5%) on a brass base. Its 5% of 14ct gold will give findings a better look than gold plating, and will be more cost effective than a more gold filled alloy (like 18ct). The weight of gold in Gold Filled is therefore much higher (50 to 100 times more) than in a simple gold plated product, which allows it to have a much better durability (a lifetime if used normally). Gold Filled can be 9, 12, 14 or 18 karat, depending on the nature of the gold applied to the brass base.
    The pink color of the Gold Filled depends on the copper content of the 14 ct gold. The higher the copper content, the more coppery pink the color will be.

    Do you prefer a yellow gold color? Discover our 14K Gold Filled items! Are you a fan of silver? Browse our collection of925 Silver accessories!

    Want to know more about Gold Filled? Find the information in this article that will explain the difference between gold filled and plated gold.

  • Findings gilded on brass

    Findings gold-plated on brass to create dazzling costume jewelry

    Wholesaler in findings gold-plated jewelry on brass, we offer a wide range of accessories for your jewelry creations at discount prices. Create jewelry for men and women at low prices, by combining our findings gilded jewelry with our gemstones or cultured pearls.

    At France Perles, we offer findings gilded with 14K, 16K, 18K and 24K gold with a gold plating thickness of between 0.03 and 0.5 microns (except for stones set with 1 micron plating). Flash" is also used for fine gold plating. All our findings gilded stones are guaranteed nickel-, lead- and cadmium-free.

    What is fine gold leaf?

    The process for obtaining fine-gold g ilding is identical to that for gold plating, i.e. via electrolysis. The only differences are:
    - the thickness of the gold layer, which is much thinner than gold plating (less than 3 microns).
    - the gold used, which must be 24K gold. In fact, to qualify for the Doré à l'or fin designation, the plating must be made with 24K gold.

    Would you like findings to last longer? Discover our items in 14K Gold Filled! Are you a fan of Silver? Browse our collection of925 Silver accessories!

    Want to know more about the gold designation? Find out in this article, which explains the difference between gold filled and doré.

  • Findings in 304 Stainless Steel

    Findings stainless Steel jewelry for costume jewelry design

    France Perles offers you findings and accessories in Stainless Steel for the design of your quality jewelry. Our findings stainless steel jewelry includes clasps, fasteners, hooks, rods and other elements used to make handmade jewelry. They are often chosen for their durability, corrosion resistance and modern, elegant appearance.

    What is 304 stainless steel?

    304 stainless steel is a stainless steel commonly used in jewelry-making because of its corrosion-, heat- and wear-resistant properties. It is also hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

    *It is advisable not to wear your jewelry during prolonged bathing, as this can remove the protective film fromfinding and cause it to rust. Rinse your stainless steel jewelry in clear water after swimming.

  • Metal Findings

    Findings metal jewelry for the creation of jewelry

    The findings metal jewelry are essential elements for the creation of original and personalized jewelry. They allow to realize various assemblies and to give style to your creations. There are different types offindings metal jewelry, such as rings, clasps, crimp ends, chains, earrings holders, etc..

    These findings metal jewelry come in several colors and finishes, such assilver, gold, bronze or copper. You can choose the findings metal jewelry that best suits your desires and needs. The findings metal jewelry is easy to use and to assemble with other materials such as beads, natural stones or pendants. With findings metal jewelry, you can create unique and original jewelry that reflects your personality.

    All findings metal jewelry beads are guaranteed nickel and lead free to avoid any allergic reactions when wearing them. We meticulously select findings according to the precision of the details and the fineness of the work.

  • Elasticated wire

    Jewelry Wire - Wired wire, elastic wire, leather wire and more

    Cable, cotton, griffin and elastic wires are commonly used materials for jewelry making. Wired wires are nylon or silk coated metallic wires that offer good strength and a beautiful finish. Cotton wires are natural wires that add softness and comfort to jewelry. Griffin wires are special wires for stringing beads that have a built-in needle at one end. Elastic wires are soft and stretchy wires that can be used to make bracelets without clasp. These different types of wires lend themselves to various techniques and styles of jewelry according to the desires and needs of designers.

    France Perles offers you its selection of wires for stringing beads and braiding wires as well as very resistant cables for all your creations. We offer a wide choice of colors for all your jewelry ideas.

  • Zirconium oxide

    Zirconium oxide beads for jewelry creation

    Zirconium oxide beads in different colors and shapes.Zirconia is the common name forzirconium oxide.
    Zirconium oxide is a wear resistant material used in many applications. After firing and sintering, it can only be worked on diamond tools.

  • Fancy beads

    Pandora beads and rhinestone beads for costume jewelry creation

    These beautiful fashion beads can be worn with various other accessories to add your personal touch to your style. They shake up the codes by combining classic colors and flashy chic colors, an explosive cocktail that will enhance your personality and your elegant and seductive look.

  • Jewelry tassels

    Wire tassels for DIY costume jewelry design

    Thread pompoms are an essential element for hanging and decorating in creative jewelry design. Discover all our pompons threads of various colors and materials (nylon, imitation silk) to finish your necklace, bracelet and all types of your jewelry.

    The thread pompons are decorative accessories that can be used for the creation of DIY costume jewelry. They are made from cotton, wool or silk threads and come in different shapes, colors and sizes. They can be attached to chains, earrings, bracelets or necklaces to give an original and colorful touch to your creations.

  • Tools

    Pliers, scissors, needles, essential tools for jewelry creation

    The creation of jewelry is an art that requires adapted and quality tools. Among the essential tools for the creation of jewelry:

    - Pliers: there are different types of pliers depending on the functions (cutting, bending, crimping, etc.). They are used to manipulate metal wires, pearls, clasps and other elements of the jewel.

    - Scissors: they are used to cut textile wires, ribbons, cords and other flexible materials used in the creation of jewelry.

    - Needles: These are useful for stringing beads or stitching on fabric or leather.

    - Rulers and templates: These help to measure and mark out the shapes and sizes of the jewelry pieces.

    It is important to choose good quality tools that are appropriate for your skill level in order to create successful jewelry.

  • Pouches

    Envelopes, fabric bags and pouches for handmade jewelry

    Discover our selection of envelopes, fabric bags, cases, and boxes of various colors and materials to protect and package your jewelry.

  • Tubular mesh

    Tubular mesh for the creation of handmade jewelry

    The tubular mesh is a hollow cord, sold by the meter, that you can use to create your jewelry. You can insert rhinestones if you wish. To string beads over it: burn the end of the fishnet and twist it between your fingers to allow easy insertion of the beads. To insert rhinestones or seed beads, cut the end you just burned.

  • Jade roller

    Jade roller for facial skin health

    The jade roller is a small accessory composed of a handle and one or two stone rollers, which you pass over your face to perform a facial self-massage. Using it on a daily basis helps to promote blood circulation and lymphatic lymphatic drainage, boost the activity of the cells, the production of collagen but also relax the muscles.

  • Glue for jewelry

    Glue for jewelry making

    At France perles, we have decided to expand our collection of tools, so that you can find everything in one place, and always with a team at your disposal, to give you advice and tips.