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Threads and cables and silk 

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FrancePerles offers a large selection of threads for pearl threading, but also braiding yarns, and very resistant cables for all kinds of creations. We have many color choices for all your jewels.


We offer a large choice of elastic thread, in various thicknesses, transparent or in bright colours, for necklaces, bracelets, and beading.

We offer a large range of nylon coated steel wires, that is wires made of steel and coated with a thin layer of nylon. Therefore, these wires are extremely resistant. They are available in many colours and thicknesses.

We offer a large choice of jade threads and polyester threads, in many colours and thicknesses - 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm - for beading (threading). Jade thread is a very flexble and very resistant string made of nylon. It is traditionally used for beading. Its name comes from the buddhist rosaries made of jade beads.

We offer many satin ribbons, in bright and various colours, but also in black or white, all available in different thicknesses. These ribbons are perfect for beading, as well as creating discrete bracelet and refined necklaces.

Discover our large range of jewelry wires, all made of steel and coated with nylon. These extremely resistant wires will be perfect for long-lasting jewelry creations.

Silk threads have been used for centuries, especially for beading (threading) and making pearl necklaces. Silk has a good resistance and will not slacken over the years. It is perfect to create long-lasting and high quality necklaces and bracelets. Silk is very nice to be worn as necklace because of its softness. All our silk threads are guaranteed 100% natural silk.

Craft Wire can be easily shaped and is therefore perfect to create rings, pendants and earrings. It is a very malleable copper wire plated with silver or gold. To finalize your jewels made of Craft wire, you can use round beads, small tubes or gemstones.

Japanese steel wire 7 strands

Nylon Power is two times stronger than conventional nylon thick thread and for all types of jewelery design.

Nylon Satin Cords are round cords made from polished and extremely soft nylon in fashionable bright and vivid colours. They are extremely durable and tear-proof with high tensile strength and low elasticity. As this highly polished material is so soft, the satin cord is very supple and elegant and it feels nice against your skin.

Our Nylon Satin Cords are the ideal jewelery cords for a range of knotting techniques and decorative knots, such as kumihimo, macramé and Chinese knotting. As well as also being perfect for braiding and stringing on beads with large holes, it can be twisted once or multiple times for use as a decorative ribbon.

We offer a large range of threads made of genuine leather, available in many colours, and thicknesses, simple or braid thread, to create nice fancy jewels.

We present to you 8 colors of waxed coton cord to make your jewelry even more beautiful than they already are. They are popular for their resistance, and superior quality, available in different sizes so they can fit lot more of your creation. 

GRIFFIN High Performance is however as soft as silk, flexible and excellent to work with. Since it does not stretch, necklaces and chokers will not elongate over time. As this high-tech solution is extremely robust and incredibly tear-proof, we would especially recommend GRIFFIN High Performance for pearls, beads and stones with small drilled holes.