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14 carat gold filled findings

14 carat gold filled findings  

FrancePerles offers gold-filled findings because the weight of gold is much higher (50 to 100 times more) than in a simple gold-plated product and therefore have a much better durability (a lifetime if used normally). Its 5% pure gold will give laminated gold a better appearance than gold plating, and will still be very cost effective compared to a more gold laden alloy (such as 18ct). Rolled gold is a very common treatment in the United States; it consists of applying a small percentage of gold (often 14ct) on a brass base.


  • Rings

    FrancePerles offers 14ct gold-filled rings, in different sizes and shapes, to help you make quality, durable jewelry according to all your ideas.

  • Ring
  • Bars

    FrancPerles offers a wide range of bars, in 14ct gold-filled, in different sizes to make all your jewelry.

  • Brace & Pendant

    We offer different kinds of 14ct gold-filled clasps & pendants so that you can finalize all types of creations.

  • Earrings

    We offer a wide selection of 14ct gold-filled earrings frames for you to finalize all your costume jewelry creations.

  • Charm and bracelet

    We offer a wide range of charms of various styles to embellish all types of creations

  • Gold-filled 14 Carat bow cover

    Discover our various knot covers, to embellish your creations by delicately hiding the sometimes unsightly details of a handmade jewel. Our 14ct gold-filled knot covers will add finesse to your jewelry.

  • Chains per meter

    Discover our range of 14ct gold-filled chains sold by the meter; to allow you to create all types of necklaces and bracelets. Our chains are available in different styles, for all your creations.

  • Collars

    FrancePerles offers a very large selection of 14ct gold-filled necklaces, with many different types of chains and lengths available, to perfectly match all your jewelry ideas.

  • Tips

    We offer different types of tips, in 14ct gold-filled, to allow you to make resistant jewelry, according to all your ideas.

  • Clasp

    Find all our 14ct gold-filled clasps, of all types and sizes, to finalize your costume jewelry creations.

  • 14 Carat gold-filled wire

    FrancePerles offers many 14ct gold-filled wires, in different lengths and thicknesses, to match all your jewelry ideas.

  • Spacers

    We offer a wide range of spacers in various styles to embellish all types of creations. Some of our spacers are set with rhinestones to add detail and color to the jewelry.

  • 14K Gold Filled Beads

    Discover our range of 14ct gold-filled beads, in various styles, to perfect your costume jewelry creations.

  • Rods and nails

    We offer different types of 14ct gold-filled pins and nails suitable for making various jewelry, according to your ideas.

  • Tubes

    We offer different shapes and lengths of tubes, to perfect your jewelry and help you in their creation. These tubes are all 14ct gold-filled for a higher quality of jewelry.