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Silver chain 925

Silver chain 925  

925 silver chain for the creation of handmade costume jewelry

France Perles offers you chains with fine mesh or more important: in 925 silver and rhodium-plated silver. You will find a large choice of chains with different types of links: forçat, jaseron, pearl, serpentine, curb chain, oval, herringbone etc. according to your needs. These chains are available in choker format (necklace finished with clasp) or in unmounted format to customize yourself.

A 925 silver chain is a chain made from pure silver that has been alloyed with other metals, usually copper, to give it extra hardness and strength. The 925 indicates that the chain is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. This is a common standard for silver jewelry and is considered sterling/massive silver. 925 silver chains are often used in jewelry design because they are elegant, durable and affordable.

Use our findings of 925 silver jewelry in combination with your silver chain to create a timeless piece of quality jewelry.


  • Silver chains 925 sold by 50cm

    Silver chain 925 for the creation of necklace, bracelet or silver earring

    Find our collection of silver chain 925 unmounted, different mesh and size. You will find chains with forçat link, oval, pearl, flat etc. ... By associating these chains with pearls or clasps, they will allow you to realize unique creations of necklace, bracelet or earrings.

    France Perles offers chains with fine mesh or more important: 925 silver, rhodium-plated silver, but also chains gilded with fine gold or 14 K gold filled.

    For those who wish to use chains already mounted, you can find our neck chains with clasp.

    Our chains are sold by the meter, if several quantities are ordered, the chain will be cut in one piece according to the quantity ordered (while stocks last).

  • Chains with clasp for necklaces

    Silver 925 necklace chain - with clasp to create simple necklace

    Discover our selection of 925 silver necklace chains to create simple and unique necklaces! Our choker chains are available in 925 silver or rhodium plated versions, with various types of mesh, such as: forçat chain , oval chain , serpentine chain , square mesh chain etc. These chains are already mounted on clasp and attachment ring, which allows you to make simple necklaces by adding charms / pendants.

    For gold lovers, discover our 14K gold filled necklaces to help you create handmade jewelry.