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  • necklace tutorial
    Published : 09/27/2019 14:11:48 | Categories : Necklace

    To make the necklace, you will need:- A chain of 50cm- A 5mm spring clasp- A cabochon 12mm- A pendant with set for cabochon 12mm- Crystal araldite glue- Pliers- Gloves Stick the cabochon on th [...]

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  • Bracelet pierre serti
    Published : 08/30/2019 15:43:07 | Categories : Bracelet

    To make a crimped stone bracelet, you will need:- A set stone- 2 oval open rings 3 * 4.6mm in gold filled- 2 nodes caches- 0.5mm polyester thread- 4mm ribbed balls- A carabiner clasp- An extens [...]

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  • Bracelet knot
    Published : 07/18/2019 16:06:43 | Categories : Bracelet

    You will need: A polyester thread about 50cm (to readjust according to the size of your wrist) An interlayer Scissors A lighter Step 1 : Take one end of your thread [...]

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  • Earing 14k gold filled
    Published : 04/25/2019 10:22:12 | Categories : Earing

      Step 1: Choose a pair of 14ct gold filled creole. Step 2: Open slightly the ring.  Step 3: Choose 2 pretty Amazonite stone with an opening of 0.8mm .  Step 4: Put the stone in the r [...]

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  • Creating your unique bracelet
    Published : 04/24/2019 15:44:15 | Categories : Bracelet

    Step 1: Choose a 925 silver adjustable 65mm bracelet and slightly open the two small hooks using the needle nose pliers. Step 2: Take a hand-shaped interlayer in 925 silver rhodium with [...]

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  • Earrings tutorial
    Published : 04/23/2019 14:34:43 | Categories : Earing

          Step 1: Choose a pair of earrings with lily flower shape hook .       Step 2: Use the chain nose plier (Griffin brand) to open the ring slightly below the hook.     Step [...]

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