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How to Make Earrings Using freshwater pearl and Lapis Lazuli stone

Categories : Earring

Learn how to create elegant earrings with freshwater pearls and Lapis Lazuli bead in this easy to follow tutorial. Follow the steps to assemble your pair of earrings and learn how to weave your beads to create an original pendant.

Tools for making :

  • Round tip pliers

  • Flat head pliers

  • Cutting pliers

Steps to follow :

1. String the flower cup onto a ball head pin (open side towards the inside of the pin). Then string your lapis lazuli bead.

2. Take your thread and fold one end over itself to make a small hook. The mini hook has the same use as a stud, this one allows you to block your pearls. String your cultured pearl on the other side of the gold filled wire.

3. Place your freshwater pearl as close as possible to the lapis lazuli bead. Wrap the wire around the pin.

Tighten it well and bring it as close as possible to the base.

After a few turns, string another freshwater pearl onto the wire, wrap it around the nail in the same way.

4. Add a third freshwater pearl to the wire, wrap the wire around the pin.

Make sure that each pearl alternates sides, tighten the end with a flat head pliers and cut off the excess wire.

5. Make a loop with the pin and wrap it around, then cut off the excess stem with pliers.

6. Take your ear stud and open the ring slightly so that it can pass through the loop. Put the two parts together and close the ring.

Repeat these steps for the second earring.

Your earrings are now ready to wear !

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